Frequently Asked Questions

What is Villij?

Villij is simply the best way to collect referrals & recommendations from people you actually know and trust...your friends! Ask for a recommendation for anything through Villij and our system will help you get answers from your friends...and their friends. Effortlessly tap into the power of your social network to help you make better decisions on just about anything.

Think of Villij as the Social Network Utility that you consult before spending a single one of your hard earned dollars.

Whose Questions and Recommendations appear in the Activity Feeds?

We allow you to toggle between the questions and recommendations of users who you are are socially connected to (My Villij) and everyone else on the site. The My Villij tab will filter the activity feed to only show you the activity of your direct friends and their friends (ie, friend of friends). The Everyone tab will show you all of the activity happening on Villij.

What happens after I ask a question?

First...We send that question to your friends so they can help in real time. These people will now be responding directly to your request.

Second...We immediately dig up any previously answered recommendations from other questions similar to yours. We also show you other referrals and recommendations submitted by your social network that could help you.

Third...We send that question to your extended Villij network (ie, friend of friends) in a weekly digest so that you can really harness the power of your social connections.

How will I know when someone has a question or has given me a recommendation on something?

We will alert you via email so that you have the information you want in real time. You can also choose to toggle the frequency with which you receive this information by setting your desired notification frequency in your account settings. Coming soon… a mobile app to keep you abreast of activity via push notifications.

I received a friend request from someone I don't know...What happens if I click “Ignore”?

Clicking ignore makes the friend request disappear. That's it. The requester never knows you ignored it.

You asked for permission to grab my location on the my mobile device...Why do you need that information?

We want to make it easy for you to recommend the place that you are currently at.

How is it possible that I already have friends on Villij when I first sign up?

Assuming that you have logged in using Facebook, we Auto-Connect you to your other Facebook friends who are already on Villij. You can always manage your connections on Villij by clicking on your User Profile at the very top right of every page on Villij.